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Participant’s Responsibilities


s part of their responsibility to T.H.E. Program, scholarship winners agree to add value to the teaching profession upon their return from Washington D.C.:

  • Create at least one teaching unit or module, developed within the context of the Belfer Conference experience, for implementation in the classroom. For teachers in the Public School System, the unit/module must be incorporated into the project-based curriculum of the Quebec Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sports. The basis of the unit may be considered for integration into subjects such as ethics, culture, language arts, history, literacy, second language and art-based activities.
  • Hold at least one other activity during the course of the school year. This could be a presentation at a conference, a speaking engagement, participation in a panel discussion, or a development of a contest for children, etc.
  • All materials related to the foregoing should be made available to colleagues in other school boards, CEGEPs, and universities for future use as enriching teaching/learning materials.