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Israel Experience

33 educators in 11 years took part in an experience of a lifetime

at the Yad Vashem Seminars for Educators from Abroad, International School for Holocaust Studies. The program in Israel gives teachers and academics a variety of activities on topics in the areas of art, theology, history, literature, anti-Semitism, and Holocaust denial. During the three-week program the participants are exposed to a multitude of learning/teaching methods, pedagogical and cultural views, as well as meetings with survivors.

The knowledge and experience gained through T-H-E program allows teachers to be more confident educators and feel comfortable leading various activities and discussions on sensitive topics.

“The impact the seminar had on me is definitely the forever kind…”

Our seminar leaders and presenters kept us on track and offered the material in a variety of engaging methods, be it lecture, multimedia or discussion. There were lively dialogues and debates and I found the majority of the sessions very well done.

–Jeff Pinsky, Teacher, 2014