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NEW: CEGEP and university faculty are invited to submit their applications

he applicant* must be a permanent member of the teaching staff at a public educational institution in the Province of Quebec with teaching responsibilities at the level of grade 6 and higher.

Several scholarships are available each year and invitations to the competition are extended  to  all qualifying teachers. Please note that the Advisory Council will consider candidates who submit a joint proposal to be implemented within the same school or within different schools, as well as individual proposals.

Successful candidates will receive an orientation, which will be held prior to leaving for Washington, D.C. Follow-up activities will be held post Conference experience.

Each year the Riva and Thomas O. Hecht Scholarship Program, Teaching of the Holocaust for Educators may award a special scholarship to an educator who submits a compelling application, and is employed by an educational institution outside of the Quebec Public School system, such as a CEGEP or University.